Curanderismo comes from the Spanish word “curar” which means “to heal”. It is the traditional folk medicine of the Americas used since pre-Columbian times. Traditionally, the curandera or curandero (practitioner) was the doctor and priests of their communities.

Curanderismo is a holistic system used in Latin America to bring wellness and balance to an individual. It is similar to Shamanism.

Ancient cultures believed in the importance of maintaining balance between the body, nature, and soul. When a body is ill, it means the balance has been disturbed.

Curanderismo blends faith and prayer with the use of herbs, massage, and/or other methods of healing. The “limpia” (cleansing ceremony) or session will be designed depending on the needs of the client to address the physical, psychological and spiritual bodies.

Traditional folk medicine is a powerful way to treat anything from neck pain, depression, removing obstacles, clearing negative energy, obtaining a desired job, and other problems of emotional and spiritual nature.

It can also be used to clear the energies in a house or other places as well as blessing them. It is a great ritual to have if you just moved in to a new place and would like to remove any old energies and bring in fresh energy and blessings to your home or office.

As always, if the methods recommended by myself, the curandera (practitioner), are not aligned with my client’s beliefs, we can definitely find other routes to attain that perfect balance/health!