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I am a psychic medium and spiritual healer working with Akashic Records, Reiki, Curanderismo and Holographic Sound Healing. I provide confidential mediumship and healing sessions in person or remotely.

Since I was a child I have had encounters with spirits. I was gifted with clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance which means I can see, hear and feel spirits and just have a sense of knowing.

I grew up very aware of spirits and energies around me as well as people’s and places’ energies. I remember being about 10 years old and asking my mom about reincarnation and other spiritual questions but I also grew up in a very Catholic home so my “silly” ideas were not accepted and I learned to remain silent…for a few years only! Spirit knocks loud!

You can’t deny who you are!

Seven years before “coming out of the mediumship closet”, I was an elementary teacher for students with special needs. A very rewarding job! I will cherish those memories fondly forever! I felt it was time to move on and I tried real estate but quickly realized that was not my path.

Finally I realized I had to do more with my psychic abilities; I had mostly been giving readings only to friends for many years and it was time to spread the love and help others! But then I felt afraid of the change and I returned to work at the school district. It was a great experience but I felt like I didn’t connect with that anymore. I decided to get a reading by a well-known medium in town and to my surprise my grandmother “showed up”! She told me, or more like reminded me, that I already knew what my life mission was. Her loving message gave me the courage to trust my path as a psychic medium and healer. At the end of the reading, my heart felt warm and buzzing with joy, passion and love! I promised myself to never look back.

So here I am, excited and grateful to be on this path, helping, learning and growing. I always place my client first, always moving my ego as far away as I can to allow spirit to work through me in bringing healing and messages to families and individuals..

I love what I do!